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China Treadmill Guide to Choose best one
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China Treadmill For Sale Treadmills are one of the most popular kinds of fitness equipment for both home and commercial use.

Note that many light commercial facilities choose to buy treadmills that are available only with home warranties. They realize that, if service is needed, the combined cost of equipment and service will likely be substantially less than buying equipment with a commercial warranty. Management of other facilities are bound by corporate or insurance policies and must buy equipment with commercial warranties.

Other differencess between home treadmills and real commercial treadmills include that commercial treadmills almost never folding treadmills. Non-folding treadmills are more stable than folding ones and more capable of withstanding abuse. The big gym Portable Treadmill also may also have higher top speeds and require a higher voltage outlet than houses and offices typically have. However, unless a model says 220 volts, it should work fine on a standard American 110 volt home outlet. Even then, though, they could draw more power than a home treadmill, up to 20 amps from 15 for a home machine.
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